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Essential Wisdom. Essential Oils. For over 30 years, Aromatherapy Associates has been creating pure essential oil-based skin care that transforms a daily routine into something luxurious and deeply beneficial. Since the beginning, Aromatherapy Associates have believed in the most effective and purest way of getting results. They develop skin care products that restore your natural radiance through the rejuvenating properties of essential oils, no matter what your skin type.

Aromatherapy Associates offers products that avoid harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrance and chemical sunscreens wherever possible.

Aromatherapy Associates Intensive Skin Treatment Oil 0.5 oz.

Aromatherapy Associates Intensive Skin Treatment Oil 0.5 oz.

Our powerful and effective anti-age skincare uses innovative natural ingredients for maximum results.

  • Ease extremely dry, uncomfortable skin with this special formulation of vitamin-rich oils.
  • Lavender and vitamin E are both renowned for their ability to support stressed skin.
  • Rose and rosehip seed oils optimise skin vitality.
  • A perfect treatment to re-condition skin after snow, wind or sun exposure.
Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel

Expertly formulated with effective pure essential oils of Rosemary, Black Pepper and Ginger, this gel helps to soothe an over-worked body.


  • Perfect for post exercise.
  • Helps to relieve aching muscles and joints.
  • Formula is non-oily and produces results within 10 minutes.

Aromatherapy Associates Home Fragrancer (Electric)

Our beautifully crafted, ceramic Home Diffuser brings an aromatherapy experience to the comfort of your own home. Select an essential oil that reflects your given mood or need at any time. Drop it on, plug in and infuse its ambient aromatics throughout a chosen space.

Key Benefits:

  • Relaxed
  • Revived
  • Tranquil
  • Peaceful
Aromatherapy Associates Hand and Body Wash (300ml)

Aromatherapy Associates Hand and Body Wash (300ml)

Treat your skin to modern indulgence with Aromatherapy Associates’ hand and body wash. This lightweight cleanser is perfect for hardworking hands and tired skin, working to rejuvenate and replenish with its gentle, creamy lather.

Bursting with pure essential oils, the shower gel utilises high-altitude grown Lavender and luscious Petitgrain, a blend that ensures a thorough cleanse while upgrading the wash with a clean, fresh fragrance. The versatile body and hand wash is suitable for all skin types, melting away daily dirt and grime without stripping natural moisture from the surface. Designed to refresh and care for the skin, this cleansing gel is delicate yet highly effective; expect purified, revitalised results with every use.

Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil Collection 6 x 3ml

Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil Collection 6 x 3ml

Experience perfect solutions to any skincare need with the six oils in our ultimate travel and discovery kit. The collection includes Anti-Ageing Intensive Skin Treatment Oil, Anti-Ageing Fine Line Face Oil, Hydrating Revitalising Face Oil, Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil, Inner Strength Soothing Face Oil and Mattifying Refining Face Oil.

Listen to your skin and select an oil daily, based on what it’s telling you. Work a few drops of oil all over following a cleanse and tone regime. Massage in an upward and outward motion to release each oil’s full potential.

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